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Add (in room), or (just eat) Guest 2019 Convention

Price: $82.40
Item Number: 8162019


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You can have up to (2) extra people stay in your room for no extra room charge.
Or staying somewhere else in Branson and just want to eat with the group?
Take advantage of this special offer to attend the convention and eat (5) meals if you're staying in the hotel, or get (3) meals, if you're staying at another location. (dinner Friday, Lunch Saturday, Dinner Banquet Saturday)
Each person pays one price $82.40.  Guests staying in a hotel room receive free breakfasts.  If you're staying at another location, then breakfast isn't included.
Extra Hotel guests receive (2) Free Breakfast, (1) lunch, (2) dinners.   If you're staying at another location you get, (1) lunch, (2) dinners
Don't forget to pick your choice for Saturday nights, banquet fare.
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